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November 09, 2005



It's twenty to twelve on Monday night and I've just been talking to Paul about his blog site - so in response to our discussion, i thought i'd add to the page - although my initial idea was to write something inspired by a piece of his jewellery, he told me that the nature of blogs is 'comment and discussion'. So, with that in mind (I'm still learning about these things), I thought I'd comment on this naval ring because I liked the design and also, because I thought I could use its conception as the basis for a story - as I'm trying to write a series of short stories inspired by friends and events close to me and this could be the next one - I'll let you know. I just wrote one for my friend Amber, which i guess refers in a way to jewellery, so this could follow on nicely. So, something of this will turn up in one of them soon, I'm sure. Anyway, I spend a lot of time hanging around Paul's shop - haranguing his dashing young assistant Ron, who is also my boyfriend - and I love his designs. Thanks Paul. Rach x

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